Uncovering the great beauty in our back gardens 

Amid a fairly hefty amount of ocean-crossing travel of late, it’d be easy to let the beauty of more familiar home surroundings be overlooked. 

There’s plenty of wonder to be had all around us with no admission charges or airport queues. This became especially apparent on a quick visit to my parents’ house. They have a lovely garden round the back and my mother has put many years of effort and inspiration into turning it into something of a private luxury retreat tucked away unassumingly in Lancashire. 

As I grew up all around it, I’m probably guilty of taking it for granted. Days like yesterday when I had a wander around while armed with my Panasonic LUMIX TZ60 (an incredible compact camera) really opened my eyes to what is on our doorstep if we take the time to explore what lies between getting from A to B. 

It’s all there waiting to be found 😀 

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