Album review: _Interval by Autism – a dazzling trip through an electronica solar system

This is an album of ideas. Sometimes it glides between them; sometimes it leaps. One thing remains constant, however – the urge to explore.

_Interval by Autism – the moniker for music and production maestro Vadim Militsin – is awash with electronic influences bursting to get out.

From Boards of Canada’s spoken word sampling (including a lovely bit of Sam Neill) to the ARP-filled odysseys of Tangerine Dream, all these nods and winks swish together like the ebb and flow of a midnight tide. On first dive, it’s too eclectic to function as solely chill-out ambient and maybe a little too stop-start to completely bounce around to. So, where does that leave us? Thanks to a liquid production technique and no shortage of points of interest on Militsin’s map of the stars, these potentially clashing contrasts emerge as _Interval’s strength.

12 tracks (an even half dozen per vinyl side) clocking up to a total around the 40 minute mark whizz on by leaving a mesmerising glitter of stars in its wake. Standout musical voyage Home balances hazy percussion and ethereal vocal swells to perfection, paving the way for Meaningless – a 90s-esque meditation on the repeating vocal riff of “life is beautiful which is meaningless” while a plethora of instrumental ideas ferment underneath to grant the idea extra texture for deeper contemplation.

Flip over to side B and Time Flows (actually a bonus track on this deluxe edition), with its trip-hop infused vocal (Lune du Soleil on fire) and guitar (inventive work from Sergey Popovich) come together with enough detached, tilting charm to give Portishead a run for their money.

Put the cosmic jigsaw pieces together and Autism is genuinely inspiring stuff, overflowing with spacey wonder and excitement – an image reflected on the cover art by its spinning, victory sign brandishing astronaut hurtling towards the sun.

Open the gatefold on the vinyl and you can see our protagonist’s fellow astronaut pal is actually taking the picture from the front. On noticing the other astronaut, ideas of isolation and abandonment subside, allowing friendlier themes to enter the consciousness. It’s not just a cool album art concept but also a note to the audience – there’s more to explore with both eyes (and ears) open. And it can be fun too.

Take a chance on this gorgeous, underrated jaunt through electronica’s orbit. You’ll find something that resonates and by the time you’ve spun the album a few times you’ll no doubt be turned on to the next whole thing.

This hidden gem from 2016 comes to us expertly remastered by Bill Sellar with Simon Heyworth at Super Audio Mastering to vinyl form now via a new label, Omninorm. Watch the skies for more releases from them!

The remastered deluxe edition is available for streaming and purchase via the Omninorm website:

It’s also available on iTunes / Apple Music, Bandcamp, Spotify, GooglePlay, Amazon Music, Deezer, Tidal and VK. Pick up the vinyl if you can!

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