Review: Lucy Gooch’s transcendent new single Chained To A Woman

When Lucy Gooch’s debut EP Rushing landed on Past Inside the Present in 2020, with it came an air of revitalisation and a whispered invitation to embrace her own escape.

Vocals are often unfairly dismissed in the ambient genre as distracting or somehow incongruous to the other-worldly plains that whirling synths, reverb-drenched pianos and droning guitars rule over. Lucy’s delicately entwining chants and stoic keyboards seemed to soar above all that, inhaling and exhaling like tidal waves in the fiery evening sky.

Since that wonderful EP, Lucy has signed to Fire Records and her new work is filled with even more promise. Most recently, we have a new single – Chained To A Woman from the upcoming Rain’s Break EP (out on June 25th).

Opening with keyboards that wouldn’t feel out of place on Fleetwood Mac’s Tango in the Night album played with dreamy abandon, Chained To A Woman slowly reveals its character – a strong voice dancing around her own choir, somehow both melancholy and triumphant in the same beguiling passage.

And just when you’ve surrendered yourself to the hypnosis, the chain is broken and the woman has, as she promised in her lyric, run away.

Before she departs, Chained To A Woman crafts an inspiring, self-contained narrative that culminates a vivid portrait of defiant lamentation.

I’ll be reviewing the EP in full closer to the time, but until then be sure to check out this release on the usual platforms here:

Lucy Gooch’s ‘Rain’s Break’ will be available as a DINKED EDITION Red/black splatter vinyl, signed and numbered illustrated print & video storyboard insert 400 only (NOW SOLD OUT). Other formats include Black LP / CD.

Rain’s Break vinyl LP by Lucy Gooch

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