Effects pedal of the day: TC Electronic June 60 chorus – Roland synth inspired but also great for Leslie rotary speaker guitar sounds

I bought a (bargain!) TC Electronic June 60 chorus pedal which looks and sounds fantastic. It’s based on the inbuilt chorus of the Roland Juno 60 synthesizer right down to the simple button operation.

One chorus is slow and expansive while the other is a little faster and wobblier but combined together they sort of dance around each other which can sound a bit like a rotating Leslie speaker. I had bought this pedal for more ambient synthy stuff but that Leslie style sound really works for 60s/70s rock stuff too.

Here’s a take on one of my favourites from The Rolling Stones’ immortal Exile on Main Street album – the underrated Let It Loose – with just the Juno 60 and an otherwise clean Fender Stratocaster with Custom Shop Fat 50s single coils going through a Roland Blues Cube. Listening back to the original I should’ve used a bridge instead of neck pickup for a more trebly sound but it’s close enough for the point I’m trying to make 😅

Also, when was the last time you listened to Exile on Main Street!? It took me a few listens to really get it when I first started my love of the Stones but scratch the surface and it’s stacked to the rafters with hidden gems 💎🖤🙌

Here’s some more info on the June-60 from the TC Electronic site.

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