A dash through Oslo and Paris (part two)

The next morning, I met up with the three man film crew who I was to spend the next three days with here in Oslo and then Paris. Much to my relief, their command of the English language was expertly. It was to a level that they made sarcastic jokes in English with pitch perfect…

A dash through Oslo and Paris (part one)

So, it’s Thursday. One of those nondescript middle days of the week. I’m at work. I don’t remember the exacts of the conversation but it went something like this: “Dave, something’s come up. Would you mind going to Oslo and Paris next week? Oslo – Monday, Tuesday; Paris – Wednesday, Thursday. Sorry it’s a bit…

Trying to get myself some peace: A brief trip to Amsterdam

In the last two weeks, I’ve been on five planes and visited three countries – two of which I’d never been to before (the other was Paris). While I would love to live such a prolific jetsetting life on my own dime and time, these three trips were made for business. But that doesn’t in any way detract from the wonder of exploring new cultures.

Dreams of Tibet

I’m sat in the north of England doing some work at home but with the combination of drinking some Darjeeling tea and having the beautifully lensed film Seven Years in Tibet on in the background, the wanderlust in me stirs, the exotic dreams awaken and the need to be exploring while in awe of new surroundings takes me away.