New house! 

Well, this is exciting… We’ve only gone and bought a house! It hasn’t quite sunk in yet. It’s probably because we are currently in a grace period and not properly moved yet or maybe I’m trying not to think of the decades of debt I’ve just happily signed into. I have settled at the top of…

Wise words discovered under a London book store

I find myself wandering alone through the streets of London – a city that I have visited briefly a few times and struggled to find that click, that intrigue, that instant friendship. Gone 9pm, I’m surprised to see a bookstore open and busy, seemingly staging some sort of quiet rebellion against a revolving parade of…

My latest film review: Fellini – Satyricon

To watch ‘Fellini – Satyricon’ is like being sucked through a history textbook and tricked into strolling through a circus freak show, the sense of bewilderment remaining until the end credits have passed and you’re transported back into the real world having learnt little but experienced much.

Dogged writers

They’re only words but like unrequited lovers they long to be brought together.