Check out the wintery music video for my ambient electronica music track WHITEOUT

I wanted to layer, interweave and repeat instrumental loops to a point whereby it was almost like breathing.


In which I make ambient electronica music – listen here!

I’ve been listening to a lot of Brian Eno and Vangelis (particularly the Blade Runner soundtrack) lately…

The Judge and His Hangman: When the reader becomes a pawn in a crime writer’s wicked game

The Judge and His Hangman could be devoured in a single sitting, its haunting contents continuing to unspool for days after the backcover folds over.


A desert trip to cherish: Wolfgang Herrndorf’s Sand is an oasis of literary ideas

As if Graham Greene took The Comedians and got Hunter S Thompson to take it out the brain-boiling wilderness for a spot of fear and loathing.


The Executioner Weeps: A heady tale of memory loss and dread by Frederic Dard

Reading The Executioner Weeps is reminder of how direct and well-paced a crime novel can be.


A great Japanese novella blossoms: Exploring Spring Garden

​Tomoka Shibasaki’s Spring Garden is quietly a great many things, but primarily it appears to be a meditation of seasonality. Buildings are constructed in the spring, flourish in the summer, recede in the autumn and are knocked down in the winter to be rebuilt in the spring again. Their inhabitants follow a similar cycle. They…