In which I make ambient electronica music – listen here!

Here’s my first try at making some ambient electronica music using just a MacBook and my new Akai APC Key25 MIDI keyboard controller for AbletonLive. Quite complex software but lots of fun to manipulate sounds with and make loops. 

I’ve been listening to a lot of Brian Eno, Vangelis (particularly the Blade Runner soundtrack), Johann Johannsson, the #instrumental side of Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schuzle, Edgar Froese, Pink Floyd, Hans Zimmer, Kavinsky, M83, Cliff Martinez, Ryuichi Sakamoto and Yellow Magic Orchestra, the Dark Side of the Moog albums, Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross lately so plenty of inspiration to experiment with layering sounds and textures. 

The music video (of sorts) is just me driving home through some atmospheric fog in the night 😎 🎹 🎢 πŸŒ… πŸ”Š πŸ’» 🎧 πŸ‘


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