Listen to my new ambient track: Into Thin Air

Written, played and recorded by me on the incredibly responsive Roli Seaboard and Lightpad MIDI controllers into GarageBand. What do you think?


The jury is in for Friedrich Dürrenmatt’s The Execution of Justice

The case is open and shut. But when the incarcerated murderer hires a disreputable lawyer to investigate the possibility that it was someone else, the case inverts into a claustrophobic entanglement of red tape, sin and checkered pasts.

Film review: Why you need to track down The Killing of a Sacred Deer

Devastatingly powerful and disorientating filmmaking, The Killing of a Sacred Deer is a true original.


Check out the wintery music video for my ambient electronica music track WHITEOUT

I wanted to layer, interweave and repeat instrumental loops to a point whereby it was almost like breathing.


Unlocking a riveting Japanese mystery: Masako Togawa’s The Master Key review

Themes of security, honour, obligation and voyeurism converge into something enticing and engaging under Togawa’s pen.


Unwrapping a Nordic short story collection: The Dark Blue Winter Overcoat

Every story in this handsomely packaged book is written by a Nordic author whether they’re from the likes of Norway, Sweden and Iceland or all the way over in the Faroe Islands.