The kaleidoscopic haze of Doves’ new album The Universal Want

I got my Indie Record Store Exclusive White Vinyl LP of the new Doves album, The Universal Want, through this morning. Given the gap between this and their last album, it’s definitely cause for celebration.

A few spins later and it emerges from the kaleidoscopic haze as another fantastic entry in their enviably focussed discography. I love how they let their revolving catchy melodies tangle themselves up and around Phil Spectoresque walls of sound like enchanting ivy.

The production, particularly from the Kingdom of Rust album, has been a real inspiration on my own ambient instrumental music. I am always chasing that cavernous, hypnotic sound that presents the listener with a maze befitting of The Shining to get lost in.

Somehow The Universal Want’s 47 minute run time feels simultaneously focused and expansive as pop efficiency meets the meanderings of electronic exploration. I don’t think this album is as direct as Some Cities for example. A more refined sound has emerged from that near decade absence. I just know that when combined with the classic material, it’ll add another level to the live set.

I still remember catching them in sunny Manchester on that Kingdom of Rust tour over a decade ago and being blown away by the rapture they created in the room. Digging deeper into the new album, it’s refreshing to know that the magic is still here. I’ll be seeing them again at the Wardrobe in Leeds early next year. The anticipation is reverberating through the cathedrals of my mind ☺️

Anyway, I can’t recommend the new album enough. Here’s a picture of the box set I wish I got! Not that there’s anything wrong with my white vinyl (which goes nicely alongside my other Doves coloured vinyls – just Kingdom of Rust to go!). Be sure to pick this one up and see them soar in a live setting.

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